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Ritmo Kombina

The Best Of Gio Fuertisimo

By DJ Gio

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In 1993 Gibi I Orkesta also known as “GIO Fuertisimo” was founded by Gilbert Doran along with some friends and colleagues of the musical organization Explosivos. The band Gio Fuertisimo is known as the founder of the “Ritmo kombiná” genre in Curaçao. Ritmo kombiná is a fusion of the well-known Caribbean sounds of salsa, merengue, and also zouk.

During the last 22 years, the band provided good music to not only Curacao but the rest of the Dutch Caribbean and even a concert in Brazil. Gio Fuertismo has had several lead singers in the past such as Roald Balentien, Clarck ‘Yuyu’ Zalm, and Clifton End. At the moment Gilbert Doran Jr. (Dibo), Leandry Gonzalez (Rasta Lè), and Djuric Virginie (Djudju V) are the lead singers of GIO Fuertisimo. Furthermore, GIO Fuertisimo is known for its ability to adapt to any environment (ritmo Kombiná and comeback genre) and providing its sounds to teenagers but also “bailadores” turning it into an unforgettable musical experience for all ages. With their flexibility when it comes to music, it is no surprise that there is a big demand for GIO to play at parties.

In 1995 they were even honored as the band of the year. Moreover, the band participates yearly in the Tumba Festival, where they crown the singer with the best anthem for the Carnival parade as the Rei/Reina di Tumba ‘(King/Queen of Tumba). The band has accompanied a total of six Tumba Festival winners during the past years

Taking a look back on the trajectory of GIO we have no doubt that they really are Fuertismo (very strong), and have many more years to come to provide good music to the crowd.

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DJ Akil

More than 10 years ago, Akil Quirindongo had a hobby that turned into a vision. During the online music sharing boom of the early 2000s, he thought of a way to bring Caribbean music into the homes of people who were missing their islands. At the same time, he wondered if he could pull off other music genres as well. He could, and he did. His creativity knew no bounds; as his listeners grew, so did his library, his network, and his vision. A true computer genius, he started making flyers and doing other advertisement. He realized that there was a real market, and he went for it. He made a social music network suited for anyone, but his fellow Curaçaoans especially appreciated a place of their own online.

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